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Details: The RZR XP 900 platform is ultra-sophisticated, and DMC has created the perfect system match. We have paired our Load sensing EFI Controller to perfectly match the increased fuel demand created by the DMC Twin-X system to deliver ground- ripping torque.

This system utilizes tuned diameter twin headers for increased torque, TIG welded Stainless Steel headers and Mid-pipes for maximum strength and features our time-tested velocity amplifying twin-step design.? The exclusive DMC Twin-X muffler configuration provides for unrestricted suspension alteration, exclusive low CG placement and most importantly, insures proper tuned length.? The sturdy DMC Twin-X system also sheds 5.5lbs compared to the stock exhaust system.

The DMC EFI Controller uses state-of-the-art "load technology" to manage fuel delivery. Most old technology EFI controllers on the market base fuel management on throttle position and RPM only. These parameters look good in a controlled dynamometer environment, but completely miss the key element of engine load. The infinitely variable ratio?s produced by CVT power transmission produce ever-changing engine loads which simple throttle position sensors and RPM calculations can not manage. Load technology takes into account these changes and adjusts the fuel accordingly to create a superior fuel solution throughout all engine load situations and driving conditions.

The stellar throttle response and acceleration of the stock XP are enhanced via Twin-X DMC mufflers for a mellow rumble unlike any other exhaust on the market.? If the proof is in the pudding, how about a healthy torque increase of 16.8% lb/ft and peak horsepower increase of 9.85%. It looks like there?s plenty of proof. These numbers all include the Load Sensing DMC EFI Controller, which should be installed in conjunction with this exhaust system.

As with all DMC exhaust systems this system features ultra-tough T304 Stainless Steel construction, hi-flow mandrel bent, stepped diameter headers and mid pipes, and Type III Hard Anodized Afterburner extruded mufflers that are easily re-buildable in minutes. DMC uses the highest quality packing material for maximum life and noise reduction. Other features include the use of rubber mounted aircraft alloy, billet aluminum muffler brackets and removable USFS/USDA approved spark arrestors to keep Smokey the Bear happy.